The US Postal Service is due to end Saturday delivery effective in August 2013, although there is some discussion that only Congress has the authority to make this change.

Irregardless of how this political dust up comes out, people that use mail delivery of there Rx (prescriptions) can be assured that package delivery 6 days per week will continue:::

  • USPS will Include all parcel services in the packages delivered on Saturdays – including First Class Parcel, Priority Mail Parcel, Parcel Select Lightweight Parcel.
  • USPS plans to continue to pick up parcels from mailers like Express Scripts that currently get Saturday parcel pick-up service from the USPS.
  • USPS will continue to provide mail clerks on site to accept mail on Saturdays.
  • USPS will evaluate the impact of this change on the delivery standards (1-3 days).
  • USPS will change the processing schedules at their origin and destination facilities.
  • USPS will continue to pick up mail at the Post Office for PO boxes as it is currently for mailroom, remittance processing, and so forth.