PPACA is schedule to take full effect 1/1/2014. In Part 1 we discussed the “what” of PPACA. The full white paper can be viewed through the link on the home page of this website — which includes timelines, taxes, calculation methods for subsidies etc. In Part 2 we begin the discussion of how this program […]

In the ongoing saga of health reform implementation, the Department of Health and Human Services have released the final regulations that govern the description for Essential Health Benefits, a key element underpinning federal reform efforts and essential to establishing coverage plans for the exchanges due to come online in 2014.

Know what the HIT tax is? Well….join the club. It is a tax to be applied to all health insurance policies starting in 2014. Since this is one of the major taxes to fund reform and subsidies, one wonders how far it will get. And this is just one of many taxes to be enacted. […]