What Will Medicare Do? Or perhaps we should ask “What is Medicare About To Do? This is a story about the “rubs.” The Medicare program is governed by federal laws that require it to set rates and fees that will properly and appropriately pay for Medicare services. Of course, there’s one slight hitch. People already […]

For years, people on or going on Medicare have expressed their fears that they will no longer be able to find physicians that accept Medicare payments. This has been a problem, but studies have consistently shown that about 85% of docs participate with Medicare. A new study from HHS offers the following:: Key Findings: – […]

As people consider Medicare for their medical coverage after 65, or even how to manage their care once they are on Medicare, they often question how to find doctors that will treat them — doctors that “take Medicare.” This is one of the key questions clients ask me about Medicare all the time.

Medicare has had a weird couple of weeks. First we heard that Medicare Advantage plans would be cut over 2% in the 2014 budget. Then we heard that CMS (Medicare HQ) actually would increase MA funding by over 3%. What gives? In a word, politics is still at work in Washington. There are something in […]