(This post contains new information from two previous blogs with similar titles.) We have to go back to the past and explain an important part of the original legislation that gave rise to Obamacare. In order to somewhat mollify the health plans, the ACA legislation incorporated what are referred as the “3Rs”. The first “R” […]

In the first chapter of this explanation, we took a look at the “3Rs”. We had to do that, so you can understand why rates are going to increase, in some cases by large double digits, in 2016 for individual and small group health insurance plans. To flesh this out, I have drawn from a guest post […]

OK, OK — the title of this blog is rhetorical, purposely so. A number of states, Colorado not yet among them, are reporting increases being requested by health insurance plans for 2016. And they are they are going to be increasing significantly — solid double digits. Why?! In the first chapter of this explanation, we […]