The other animal in our household is Murdoch, “Doc” for short, a 10-year old Shetland Sheepdog. I suppose I was bemused at the thought of the number 0f times we’d say “What’s up Doc” to the puppy.

I have owned several Shelties over the years, and am smitten with the look and behavior of the breed, the “soft and wistful” expression, as one author described the breed. I am attracted to the larger, non-show eligible Shelties.

This quarantine I am sure has made Doc wonder just why we’re all home most of the time these days. To be sure, Doc loves his “herd” and seems happiest when all three of us are in the same place at the same time. However, he has been missing his long mid-day naps because we just keep showing up here and there, waking him up. And, he really needs his naps now that he’s getting 3 or more walks per day.