If you have an individual health insurance policy, the annual open enrollment is coming up soon — from November 1st through January 31st. If you want you plan to be effective on January 1st, you have to apply for any change by December 15th.

The Colorado Division Insurance has said that they will no longer allow any “grandmothered” plans to continue after December 31st. A grandmothered plan was written and has an effective date between March 23, 2010 and January 1, 2014. These plans, while adopting many of the Obamacare requirements, are not in full compliance with that legislation.

If your plan was written prior to March 23, 2010, these are called “grandfathered” plans and will not have to change, unless the insurance company is discontinuing that plan.

In Colorado, plans from Kaiser Permanente, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, and Humana are already fully Obamacare compliant and will not have to change unless you’d rather have different coverage. Grandmothered plans from Cigna and Anthem will have to be changed — you will receive a notice by mail, so be sure to call me as soon as you do and we will map out alternatives for you.

We will likely not have any information about 2016 plans until after October 1st.

R Allan Jensen