It’s sadly ironic that for years there have been increasingly vocal calls for eliminating the use of the Social Security number on Medicare cards, since that has been a prime doorway for identity theft. Now, when the effort is finally made to change the identifier so that it can’t be used for identity theft, a whole new crop of scams is appearing. Let’s take a look at some of these.

First of all, the new Medicare cards with the 11 digit identifier, started being shipped to eastern US Medicare benificiaries in April. In addition, those new to Medicare starting in April, will be getting the new cards regardless of where they live in the country.

Courtesy of The Motley Fool, 4/22/2018::  Scammers are now focusing on those who’ve gotten their cards, making false claims that seniors need to take action in order to keep their Medicare coverage. One scam involves falsely stating that you have to pay for your new Medicare card – NO! Other scams are even more aggressive, falsely claiming that you need to provide bank and credit card information in order to update Medicare’s records or to process a refund in exchange for your old Medicare card – NO!

Even those who haven’t gotten their cards yet are vulnerable to scams. Some con artists claim to be calling on behalf of Medicare and say that in order to receive your card, you need to confirm your Social Security number – NO!

Medicare never contacts you by phone, so any phone call you get claiming to be from Medicare is a scam. Don’t even talk to the person; just hang up the phone without providing any personal or financial information.

Posted 4/23/2018