Lisa Offers Social Media Pick of the Month

From Lisa Steiner::

I spend a good bit of time checking out my contacts on social media, mostly Instagram and a bit of Facebook. I like to follow sites that are positive and inspiring. Here’s is one of my favorite “regulars” that I check on quite often. ThePioneerWoman on Instagram. She is Ree Drummond and is ensconced on one of the oldest and  largest cattle ranches in Oklahoma near Pawhuska. She’s down to earth and reminds me of my mother, who also helped run my family’s ranch in California. Her recipes are the best — she loves anything with bacon (who doesn’t!), pork or turkey will do just fine! I just recently tried making her corn bread muffins with a bit of green pepper over the weekend. Everyone loved them! I’m trying Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa for Taco Tuesdays. She now has a show on the Food Network, with a recipe book out — available at Tractor Supply — who doesn’t love TSC!

Mrs. Steiner’s wisdom::  “Use the good china! What are you saving it for — your ancestors?!”

Lisa, a former president of the Herb Society of Denver, offers this tip for The Tended Garden:: right now most everything that will come up, has come up, and it is getting so warm that your cool weather plants are beginning too show stress. Petunias and marigolds are good substitutes to last out the summer. Early morning hours are best to garden right now. A second crop of lettuce and radishes can be planted now for harvest in late August and September. Now is a good time to enjoy your work and have an icy glass of iced tea under the shade of your favorite tree or umbrella. Start planning for your fall garden with chrysanthemums and fall asters, plus start acquiring spring bulbs to plant before winter.