Let’s Revisit “Means Testing”

Means Testing for 2016

2016 Means Testing & Medicare Cost Sharing

Part B & D:: Means Testing Thresholds for 2016


Listed ***
<$85,000 $85,000-$107,000 $107,000-$160,000 $160,000-$214,000 >$214,000
Part B Premium $121.80 $170.50 $243.60 $316.70 $389.90
Part D Addition $12,70 $32.80 $52.80 $72.90
***Double income thresholds for couples filing jointly. Means testing is based on MAGI from tax returns filed two years previously (2014).

A blog post from 2015 on www.InsuranceProfessor.net explained how CMS arrived at the cost of the Part B premium for 2016. To re-iterate::  if a beneficiary is new to Medicare for 2016, or was currently on Medicare but had not yet filed for Social Security, or if the beneficiary is means tested, the premiums listed above apply.

For those not in the above three categories, the base rate from 2015 still applies to the Part B premium (ie. $104.90).

See another article in the May 2016 newsletter edition discussing proposed changes in means testing starting in 2018.