More often than not, whenever a presidential election year is underway, you will hear a lot of news anchors and financial analysts talk about the economy and the stock market. There will often be self-proclaimed experts who have their theories about how a presidential candidate will affect the market during election year, how investors may […]

Deductible:::   $435 Coverage gap threshold:::   $4020 Catastrophic threshold:::   $6320 In the Coverage Gap, many Tier 1 and Tier 2 drugs will be covered at their Initial Coverage Segment copays. The costs for Tier 3, 4, 5 brand name and generic drugs will be 25% of the prescription plan cost.

New Medicare Costs About a month ago, Social Security announced that 2020 would see a cost-of-living increase of 1.6%. CMS just released new costs for 2020, which you will be very interested in. This includes a new means testing table of costs. The 2020 baseline Part B premium will be $144.60. (means tested amounts are […]

In most cases, the actions of the Federal Reserve lowering interest rates are a good thing because a lot of economic activity depends on the ability of businesses to borrow money. It is of course easier to borrow when interest rates are lower, but lowering interest rates too much could affect investors who may see […]

CMS mandated Annual Notice of Change documents have begun to arrive to people on Medicare Advantage and/or Prescription Drug plans, laying out the benefits for 2020. These are being delivered to existing members by regular mail, by email, or by postcards containing links to look up the ANOC. While the ANOC lists explain 2020 benefits, […]

Here are some key changes for Medicare going into 2020, and some impressions:: Changes in Medigap Probably the biggest news for Medicare in 2020 is the deletion of Plans C and F from the overall Medicare Supplement menu on 1/1/2020. This was required by legislation that was adopted in 2015. Let’s be totally clear about […]

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