Is This A Scam? Have You Received Calls Warning You About Medicare??

Are You Receiving Calls Warning About Changes to Medicare??

Have you been receiving calls recently warning you about “upcoming changes in Medicare” and asking if you will take a meeting with someone who will come over and explain things to you?

This type of operation is nothing more than a sales promotion to try and capture your Medicare business. In fact, this practice is illegal and specifically prohibited by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Unfortunately, Medicare beneficiaries always seem to be the target of one scam or another — another instance of which is reported elsewhere in this newsletter.

First, as you know, I’m am always available to you to answer any questions you may have about Medicare, your coverage, and how best to utilize and optimize the policies for your best interest. Many of my clients call me on a regular basis to inquire after a piece of news they have seen about Medicare, or find out if they are receiving the proper treatment from a provider or an insurance company. This is a good thing!

Second, as we’ve discussed before, Medicare is always in the news. They are always discussing, experimenting with and trying pilot programs to either improve care and/or reduce costs. Over the years I have consistently communicated with you about current Medicare news, such as are in today's newsletter. I follow a number of sources, and interact with a large number of colleagues, providers and insurance companies to keep up-to-date on the entire subject of Medicare. These are touchy times for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security and I am working to stay focused on any proposal that may have an impact on my Medicare clients.

Third, as I trust you appreciate, taking care of you while covered by Medicare, involves much more than simply “selling” you a product. It requires service for your needs, problems, and questions. Organizations and people that are using a tactic to discomfort you so they can try and sell you something, with no ability or intention of servicing you, are insincere.

I am always here to assist you with your needs. Your referrals are an indication that you have found my service to be trustworthy so that you feel comfortable telling your acquaintances about me. 


Thank you!