Umbrella Insurance

Retirement is a significant milestone in one’s life, often marked by a transition from the hustle and bustle of a full-time job to a more relaxed and leisurely pace. It’s a time when you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor, travel, spend time with family, and pursue hobbies that may have taken a […]

Role of Ai in Insurance Industry

The insurance industry has long been associated with complex processes, extensive paperwork, and a conservative approach to risk assessment. However, with the rapid evolution of technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), the insurance landscape is undergoing a profound transformation.  AI is empowering insurers to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and make more accurate predictions about risk. […]

Has Your Employer's 401(k) Match Been Suspended?

The recent global pandemic has caused many different types of economic fallout. Many companies have suspended or lowered the matching of their employee’s 401(k) contributions. The Plan Sponsor Council of America conducted a survey. It discovered over 20 percent of large companies and organizations are currently suspending their matching contributions. A report from the Center […]