CMS mandated Annual Notice of Change documents have begun to arrive to people on Medicare Advantage and/or Prescription Drug plans, laying out the benefits for 2020. These are being delivered to existing members by regular mail, by email, or by postcards containing links to look up the ANOC.

While the ANOC lists explain 2020 benefits, members are not “stuck” with the same or updated plans for 2020. This is why we do reviews of peoples’ needs, how they have changed during 2019, and what they envision for 2020. Reviews will discover new plans with alternative benefits that may suit a member’s needs better. Changes can be submitted for 2020 during the Annual Election period that runs from 10/15 through 12/7. The new plan takes effect on 1/1/2020.

If the Ma or PDP plan you are on is not going to be offered in 2020, you will not get an ANOC but you will get a letter from the carrier telling you this. If they are offering a new plan in 2020 instead, they will let you know about that. Either way, this is a good time for an annual review.

For more information visit the website and contact us by email or phone.

R Allan Jensen