CMS mandated Annual Notice of Change documents have begun to arrive to people on Medicare Advantage and/or Prescription Drug plans, laying out the benefits for 2020. These are being delivered to existing members by regular mail, by email, or by postcards containing links to look up the ANOC. While the ANOC lists explain 2020 benefits, […]

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Here are some key changes for Medicare going into 2020, and some impressions:: Changes in Medigap Probably the biggest news for Medicare in 2020 is the deletion of Plans C and F from the overall Medicare Supplement menu on 1/1/2020. This was required by legislation that was adopted in 2015. Let’s be totally clear about […]

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General Part D Information + Updates from Medicare Part D prescription drug plans are permitted under CMS (Medicare) rules to update their plan formulary or drug list throughout the plan year when a new generic enters the market. In such instances, the name brand that the generic replaces can be dropped from the formulary, […]

From ModernHealthcare:  10/25/18 New CMS pay model targets soaring drug prices By Harris Meyer and Virgil Dickson  | October 25, 2018 (Updated at 3:20 p.m. ET) The Trump administration on Thursday accelerated its efforts to bring prescription drug prices under control. Speaking at the Hubert Humphrey building, President Donald Trump introduced an aggressive proposal from HHS to drive down prescription […]

Changes Coming to Medicare Advantage Plans… Earlier in the year, CMS issued guidance for health insurance companies that offer Medicare Advantage plans, allowing them to offer a broader set of non-Medicare or non-medical benefits in 2019 plans. We are already familiar with added non-Medicare benefits, such as dental/vision/hearing benefits, as well as health club memberships, […]

It’s sadly ironic that for years there have been increasingly vocal calls for eliminating the use of the Social Security number on Medicare cards, since that has been a prime doorway for identity theft. Now, when the effort is finally made to change the identifier so that it can’t be used for identity theft, a whole […]

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